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If we have missed the one needed, you can drop a comment below. From the above sections, we got to know about how to download WhatsApp Plus on any Android phone.

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So, at that time, we look for how not to lose data while installing WhatsApp Plus, blah blah! Here are required steps to get started and install the app without losing any previous WhatsApp data. Click here to download the latest version file. So, now, you need to take backup data from original WhatsApp. The complete will be within minutes. Proceed to the next steps.

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Time taking for this task depends upon the chat and media size. To do that, hold its icon in the app drawer and tap on Uninstall. Finding it easy. Just go to Downloads folder. Allow all the permissions access if the app asks. Wait some seconds and proceed to the next screen. On this screen, you need to click on Restore if the chat was not synced to Google Drive. Enter the same number as previous and proceed. They will send an OTP for verification. Enter the OTP code and verify it.

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As we have to restore, click on Restore button. It will take some minutes to restore all chats and media files. The more the data, the more time it takes. So, keep patience. Now, everything is ready. So, enjoy! One of those coolest things, one is the GB Themes store. All the themes come with great color and background wallpaper combination. My android is telling me the file is corrupt after I download the app. What shall I do? I m not able to restore my chat … they are showing that check your network connection or wait or skip… while my network is good still they are showing that….

Best Apps. Contents 1 What is Whatsapp Plus app? Share Related Posts. Jitender Singh December 8, Follow above steps carefully. This whatsapp plus why is not installing in my phone plz tell me how to install. Jitender Singh December 20, Apple January 5, Where is the button? To manu ads i cant find the button. Jitender Singh January 5, Sam February 6, Jitender Singh February 6, Hey Sam, what is the error you are facing while installation of Whatsapp Plus app? Natasha February 11, Jitender Singh February 11, Natasha March 11, Takishi nohara March 5, Jitender Singh March 5, Bryce March 18, Whatsapp plus is such an awesome whatsapp mod thank you for sharing with us.

Clan March 19, Very good jatinder. I need your help. I have sent msg in Facebook. I like WhatsApp plus. Dillunga April 19, Webpage not available. Jitender Singh April 21, The issue is with your browser or internet connection. Moon francis May 10, A Singh May 17, Thank you for uploading Whatsapp plus. James August 1, How can I set it to backup my conversations to Google drive???? Jitender Singh August 2, In settings you will get backup option there you can set it up for online backups to Gdrive. Apurva August 8, Please update the latest version of whatsapp in whatsapp plus.

Jitender Singh August 9, Hey, 6. Jyoti August 12, Jitender Singh August 12, Are you using latest version? Jitender Singh August 28, Chistie mcnair September 27, When will gb whatsapp be able to do video call more than 1 people at the same time. Jitender Singh September 27, That feature is coming soon in next updates. Santosh October 5, Plus Turkiye October 9, Hello my friend. I also introduce whatsapp plus in my country. Rushabh October 11, Jitender Singh October 12, Tika October 13, Jitender Singh October 13, Wait for the next update.

Ebby C October 22, Jitender Singh October 22, Philz March 10, Ramesh March 10, Thank you! Jitender Singh March 10, Raj March 10, Waiting for Whatsapp GB 6. Mitesh March 10, Felix March 10, I have completed GBWhatsapp download easily from techonation. Thank you sir you are awesome. Ali March 10, Abhishek March 12, This Gbwhatsapp is awesome I am loving it. Mukesh March 12, Please keep updating the GB WhatsApp app. Mitesh March 12, Jitender Singh March 12, Yes you can download it on your Redmi 4! Somya March 15, Hannah March 15, GBWhatsapp vs Yowhatsapp which one you prefer??

Jitender Singh March 15, Depends on your taste, I use both of them simultaneously. Clay March 19, Gb whatsapp app is my favorite app thanks for providing it. Hemant March 19, Baljeet March 21, This mod is awesome. Jitender Singh March 23, Frederick October 17, Jitender Singh October 18, Ally April 5, Jitender Singh April 5, Click on Download button and then on download page select the version to download gbwhatsapp. Philips April 8, Thanks for this awesome Whatsapp mod. Suresh April 8, Bhavik Aherwal April 10, Great Post Keep It Up. Jitender Singh April 13, Added a new link for gbwhatsapp latest version check now.

Thanks for GB WhatsApp download it is a very helpful site. Raman April 19, Thanks for sharing this article, It was an nice post. Hitesh April 29, Jitender Singh April 29, Depends on your interest you can also download and install both apps together. Raju May 11, GBWhatsapp is awesome apk thanks.

Emmanuel Christian May 18, Jitender Singh May 18, Enable unknown sources app installation from settings and install the GBWhatsapp apk again. Jim Hooper June 2, GBwhatsapp has some great themes thanks dude for sharing it. Jitender Singh June 2, Enjoy it mate keep visiting techonation. Ramesh June 7, Jitender Singh June 8, Hey, I will request developers to remove it. Rahul sharma July 7, Jitender Singh July 7, Allow notification we will notify when new update released.

Sarventha July 10, Jitender Singh July 10, Did you changed your Whatsapp no. Jaspreet Singh July 11, Great quality of posts in your website… Thanks for sharing. Jitender Singh July 16, Uninstall the older version then install latest version of GBWA. Relebohile July 14, Uninstall the older version then install the latest version. Vishal Hake July 21, Jitender Singh July 22, Try installing the apk file of GBWA. Trickpanda July 28, And can it be a privacy issue? Jitender Singh July 29, Yes, it is safe I am using it from 5 years no issues till date.

Rabia July 28, Uninstall original whatsapp ir any other modded whatsapp then try installing it. Bhanu gandral February 5, Jitender Singh February 5, Sudakshina Ganguli August 7, Prashant Kumar Chauhan August 9, Jitender Singh August 9, Gregory Bwanali August 9, Uninstall any other whatsapp then reinstall the latest version. Sindhu Gowda August 15, It is a most wonderful app.

WhatsApp Plus + APK Download for Android

Suyesh August 14, Really very impressive app gb whatsapp loved it. Arup patra August 17, Jitender Singh August 18, What error you are facing? Follow the PC tutorial given in the post. Amir August 21, Jitender Singh August 24, You will not be able to see if you hide yours. Janme jai August 24, Hello, Can you add group call, please? Thanks, we will really appreciate that. Kaline August 28, Eu quero baixar isso. Jitender Singh August 29, You can download it from above download links. Jitender Singh September 1, All download links are working fine. Neev August 31, How can I see last seen of a number with out showing mine please let me know.

Papa nyarko August 31, I have downloaded the latest version but it cant install. What issues you are facing?

Whatsapp plus and GB WhatsApp are the most dangerous app on your phone - uninstall now

Daffa September 1, Why my WhatsApp Crash every time using this lastest version 6. Uninstall it then again install the latest version. Sneha Gupta September 1, Jitender Singh September 2, Kevin September 3, How can I see someone online with somebody else. Jitender Singh September 3, Nsuku September 3, WhatsappGB 6. Uninstall other version of Whatsappthen reinstall it.

Anil September 4, Jitender Singh September 4, Raphael Kachingwe September 6, Its a nice app keep on updating it. Caporal September 6, All the permissions are already there for gbwhatsapp 2. Jitender Singh September 6, Vk September 9, Himanshu Jain September 11, Syed September 14, Anyone having problem with 6. Jitender Singh September 14, What bug are you facing? Nuru September 16, Amit Roy September 18, Jitender Singh September 18, Prince September 18, Jitender Singh September 19, I have given 3 links of version 6.

You should try all. Sachin October 21, Give me Gb whatsapp Plz. Jitender Singh October 22, Download from above download button in the post. Jonas September 19, Kimberly Suzzane September 20, I really like this version of this app much efficient indeed. Prince September 22, Jitender Singh September 22, Please try all 4 variants of GBWA 6.

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I am not sure about your device. ZikryAmier September 29, Murali Krishna October 4, Jitender Singh October 5, Anyway Mupesewa October 24, Is it available for iPhones yet? Jitender Singh October 24, I have problem with installing the BlueStacks.. Jitender Singh October 6, Vedanarayanan October 6, Shaheem October 16, Uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

Kadham Aravind October 18, Rita October 18, Sandra October 19, Can u plzzz send me the real link or easier one so that i can download GB WhatsApp. My GB is expired. Jitender Singh October 20, Sevak October 21, Kiran October 21, Download the new version and install it. Your gbwhatsapp will be updated automatically. Amponsah October 21, Rebecca Ailoyafen October 21, Vny gaur October 21, Uninstall and reinstall the app.

Download GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version (Updated)

Bhanu prakash reddy October 25, Jitender Singh October 26, Uninstall current GB app and download latest version. Jeet October 21, App working fine.. Emel October 22, Norakidah October 23, Knpa ws nie slalu je update. Selina fosu October 24, Hi, post updated with the guide to update the app. Please check the post again. Kishor October 25, Enyonam October 29, I am not being able to doenload. Ashok October 26, Guide is added in the post download latest version and install it.

Janme jai October 26, Jitender Singh October 27, Next update is just on the way and will be released within couple of weeks. Janme jai November 6, Adams October 27, Eswar October 29, Please add me in 6. Holy klu October 31, Pls can download the Gb wasup again. I need an assistant.

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Jitender Singh October 31, Yes let me know what issues you are facing? Shuk October 31, Hiding the privacy is the best feature of gb whatsapp. Jitender Singh November 2, Saumya November 7, Jitender Singh November 8, Version updated and stickers are added now. Jay November 8, How to add stickers on drawer. Grace November 8, Am finding it difficult to download the GBwhatsApp latest version and I need help to download it. Jitender Singh November 9, Janmejai November 9, Chirag November 9, Yuvraj November 10, Janmejai November 11, Rimsha Umair November 11, First, uninstall the old GBWhatsapp version then reinstall the latest one.

Kamlesh Bhagole November 12, GB WhatsApp please daily English update please help me thanks. Mudaarisu siraj November 15, Can you help bro. Jitender Singh November 15, Updating guide is already added in the article. Ann November 18, Backup your chats and restore whenever you want. SriHarsha Bhogi November 26, Jitender Singh November 26, Kato levy December 16, Thanks for the app. Kaynat December 18, Kathryn December 19, Jitender Singh December 20, Sha December 20, Bro who is atnas hoak omar modiefier of gb whatsapp??

Jitender Singh December 21, He is the developer of gb Whatsapp. Sha December 23, Bro is it safe to use gb whatsapp. Jitender Singh December 25, IamAndreas December 28, Jitender Singh December 28, First, uninstall other whatsapp and GBWhatsapp variants. Prajapati bharat December 30, Chikodi December 31, Yashoda December 31, Use GBWhatsapp 6. Others are just renamed versions. Mohamed January 3, Jitender Singh January 4, Download it from the download section in this post.

Janmejai January 4,