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When taking a portrait photograph, he can choose the framing, the angle of view and the atmosphere created.

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Finally, when selecting the snapshot, the photographer may choose from a variety of developing techniques the one he wishes to adopt or, where appropriate, use computer software. Consequently, as regards a portrait photograph, the freedom available to the author to exercise his creative abilities will not necessarily be minor or even non-existent.

Mankowitz, finding that the Jimi Hendrix photograph was indeed protected by copyright. Mankowitz who organized the session at which the photograph in question was taken… who guided and directed Jimi Hendrix during the shooting, and asked him to take the pose reproduced in the photograph in question; they indicate that Mr.

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Mankowitz chose to take the photograph in black and white in order to give him more attitude and give him the image of a serious musician and that the photographer opted for a Hasselblad camera c with a 50mm Distagon lens in order to bring a wide-angle touch to the portrait without creating any distortion; they also state that Mr. Mankowitz chose the decor, the lighting, the angle of view and the frame… That these elements, added to the fact, uncontested and established by evidence, that Mr.

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Mankowitz, an internationally recognized photographer, notably for having been the photographer of the Rolling Stones, whose photographs enjoy a high reputation, establish that the photograph at stake is the result of free and creative choices made by the photographer which reflect the expression of his personality. Take — away: Paris Court of Appeals: Standard Verlags GmbH case: Filed Under: Contact Address: Disclaimer There are various ways to contact me.

You may send me an email at contact maw-law.

Contacting me does not create an attorney-client relationship. Foreign citizen eligibility. Citizens of foreign countries who were legally admitted into France are eligible to apply for compensation. This includes U. Victims of terrorist acts.

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Full compensation is payable for personal injury or death caused by an act of terrorism that occurs either on French soil or, solely in the case of French nationals, outside of France. A state fund, the Fonds de Garantie, was established for victims to ensure remuneration for victims of serious crimes, especially in cases involving homicide, serious injuries, and sexual violence. Application forms are available online at www.

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Appointed Commissions d'Indemnisation des Victimes d'Infractions determine the damages and the amount of compensation. Nongovernmental organizations, S.

Victims of personal crimes may also file a claim for civil damages by attaching a civil complaint partie civile to the criminal prosecution. This can be at any time throughout the trial.

There are no limits on compensation for personal injury, serious crimes, or minor offenses, but compensation is limited to injuries resulting from the crime. The maximum amount for destruction of goods is EUR3, The maximum amount for property offenses is EUR3, Emergency awards.

The victim is eligible to receive an advance award in a minimum of 2 days to 1 month. Contact information is available on the Web site of the office nearest to where the crime occurred.