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It can only tamper the offline data stored by the game. In other words, the app allows you to edit the values of in-game attributes like wealth, ammo, health, etc. GameCIH2 works for almost any game on the Android marketplace, and is one of the easiest ways to run low-level edits on game data.

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Games that can be hacked using GameCIH2: GameCIH2 is activated by a hotkey that needs to be pressed while playing the game. Pressing the hotkey while playing the game would open GameCIH2. Input the number of coins, money, health or ammo you wish to gain. Minimize GameCIH2, and continue with the game. The cheat should work, and you would gain the requested coins, ammo or health level. To know more about the cheat engine, follow this thread on xda Developers. Download GameCIH2. So, in case the game has some weird name for coins, you cannot use Game Guardian. However, you can search for custom labels in various memory locations, and edit their values.

The app also allows you to lock-in multiple addresses at one time, which, apparently, means you can apply multiple cheats at once. The steps for applying a cheat while playing a game are similar to GameCIH2. The following thread should answer all the questions you might have while using Game Guardian. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work.

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Join Date: Jul Worked well on Hillclimb game. All other cheat apps failed but this one worked a treat. Jun Apr How to use it bro? But this time, an entire season for Game of Thrones is up for grabs. Yes, that's right, all of Season 5 of Game of Thrones is free to download, Whether it's delivery drones or getting the U. Postal Service to ship packages on Sundays, Amazon continues to remain innovative and ahead of the game, as further evidenced with their mobile app, Amazon Underground. While the app can potentially replace both the Amazon Shop Google has already started to roll out the over-the-air update of Android 5.

If you don't want to wait, you can manually install Lollipop right now if Android gets a lot of love for its immeasurable amount of customization, and for the most part, you don't even have to do any heinous hacking to swag out your Samsung Galaxy S3 or other Android device. From live wallpapers and custom launchers to 3D panoramic backgrounds and Snes8x supports the majority of ROMs, some of which can be downloaded from sites like this one. I downloaded one of Playing advanced games on your phone can be pretty frustrating sometimes.

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Touchscreen devices are great for everyday apps and games designed solely for them, but when it comes to games that require multiple actions in conjunction with directional movement, it gets ugly. Who would have thought back in that you'd eventually be able to play Sonic the Hedgehog whenever and wherever you wanted? Not a crappy Game Gear version, either. I'm talking the full Sega Genesis version of Sonic, available to you on a bus, a plane, or in a rest-stop bath Blizzard Entertainment, the wildly successful video game developer that brought us World of Warcraft and StarCraft, has finally released their popular trading card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft to the Android platform.

If you've never heard of it, Hearthstone is an off A report from app data firm Sensor Tower reveals that more than 13 million ARKit apps have been installed on iPhones and iPads within the first six months since the toolkit launched with iOS Cable network AMC may have cracked Niantic's formula wi A new survey of game developers paints a somewhat less than rosy future for augmented reality gaming, but there's still some hope for its long-term prospects.

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Whether you're a veteran augmented reality developer looking for a quick access point to add a new platform to your arsenal or just getting started with your first AR head-mounted display, get ready to start developing for the Meta 2. In this short breakdown, we'll use the Un Hello, everyone! Recently, someone asked how to make your own "Bad USB," and I promised to make a how-to on this topic. In addition, it would be nice t Yup, you read that right. As of now, you can actually play the first level of one of the most popular video games of all time—Super Mario 64—directly in your web browser.

To please those of us who love to mod and root our Androids, OnePlus has made both the OnePlus 5 and 5T relatively easy to customize — so much so that the 5T topped our list for the best phones for rooting.

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Unfortunately, unlocking the bootloader and using root to modify the f About a year ago, Abode decided to discontinue support for Flash on the Android platform. With its security concerns, it's understandable why some people would want to disable Flash on their devices, but there are still some things you can't do without it.

Amazon Instant Video You'd be hard-pressed to find a working Super Nintendo in someone's house nowadays, but back in my adolescence it was gaming heaven. But now there's no reason to have an SNES console at home, because there are so many ways to play those retro games without one. All it takes is There is nothing worse than losing valuable information or programs on your computer. And if you've ever accidentally deleted a file or document, you know how agonizing that entire process can be.

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In order to avoid such mishaps, you should always back up your computer's data Every time Windows gets a significant update, the vast majority of existing tweaking utilities become obsolete. For every option that you fine-tuned with one of these tools on Windows 7 or 8, there's a change in the registry or system settings that cause your tweaks to now poi Did you know Kali 1.

You probably did, and you probably know about the EFI boot option that has been added. That's a very interesting new feature because it allows Kali to be easily booted on Mac too, and every EFI-supported device. First three preview lines gone? As alw However, despite its superpowers, some graphically intensive games can still have a bit of lag to them during gameplay.

This lag is mostly due to in Sometimes, it's very useful to be able to use more than one app on Android phone or tablet. For example, if you want to watch a movie while surfing or if you need calculator, find some contact, write a note, search web or wikipedia for some facts, etc. Fortunately, this is pe Nvidia's decades-long development of graphics processor units GPU for PCs has given it a major leg up in the driverless space.

Once you're at Level 5, they'll also grant you Potions and Revives to help you in your b In modern versions of Windows, Microsoft made quite a few changes to Windows Explorer, the first of which is a new name—File Explorer.