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To take the case apart was tedious for me so I had my boyfriend do it, which he is stronger than me so he pulled it off easier.

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Looks just like the picture. And 1 good for me because I drop my phone a lot, 3 new iPhones within 5 months! Slim enough for pocket use. I got this 6 months ago and was concerned about a few reviews complaining of the cover turning yellow. Today, my cover is still crystal clear as the day I got it.

Thin iPhone 6S Plus Case

I wanted a slim case so that I could manage to put the huge iPhone 6 Plus in my back pants pocket and this slim cover allows me to do exactly that. The closed back cover could trap dirt so you'll want to occasionally clear debris out to avoid scratching the phone, but this is true of all closed back covers I've ever owned for my iPhones. The case is perfect fit for my iphone 6p and 8p. It is so convienient when i go outside and need more energy.

I like the design of this kind of battery case. Beautiful, got lots of compliments. Lasted about 6 months then the design started peeling off.

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Wrong order should get one for iPhone6 but return cost will almost be at the price of the case. Look OK. I see a lot of folks are upset about the speck logo overlapping the apple logo. Not really that serious to me since the case is clear. But I understand it isn't pictured that way so that's a legitimate beef.

I also see complaints about the case being hard or impossible to install. The inside of the case is kind of sticky so you have to start by pushing the phone all the way into one of the top corners and then work your way around making sure to pull the edge away slightly as you go.

It is a "snug" fit but that also means you probably won't get dust and dirt inside of the case either. Also make sure you do NOT touch the inside of the case and thoroughly clean the back of the phone and wipe it clean of fingerprints or they will show.

OtterBox DEFENDER iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus ONLY Case - BLACK

Other than those little There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Thank goodness I had that or maybe that would have been my phone's screen. I didn't want the defender because its pretty big and didn't want the symmetry because it's too small and doesn't offer as much dust protection. This one is perfect. I was extremely excited to put it on when I got it. It wasn't hard to put it on and once I had it on I felt so much better about the protection of my phone.

It looks Currently unavailable. Feels Good. Helmer Tampa, FL.

Best Protective Cases for iPhone 6 Plus

Just received the textured, navy blue case for my 6s iPhone. First impressions. I like navy blue: A gold "strap" surrounds the outer edge.

It may be metalic while the field of blue and bumpers are clearly a shock absorbing rubber or rubberized material. I'm sure there's a more precise name for the material. The golden "strap" is carried around the back in two places though it is a single piece: There are no sharp edges from outer strap to rear pieces. All corners are soft and rounded and Awesome case. Protects my phone and extremely durable. Otterbox is a great case! My friend actually dropped her otterbox iPhone in the toilet today, no lie.

efyhuzos.gq: iPhone 6 Plus & 6S Plus Cases: Cell Phones & Accessories

It wasn't even the waterproof otterbox and her iPhone lived. It was completely submerged for a few seconds. Great case! The best protection for a phone that money can buy I have been using this case for my iPhone 6s Plus since Apple released the 6s Plus in September of I have dropped my phone dozens and dozens of times on concrete, tile and hardwood floors.

I have even managed to accidentally kick it and skip it across my driveway and parking lots several times. In fact, most of the times I have dropped it have been when I am getting in or out of my car, which is a tall full-sized SUV. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Very thin, sleek case. Have dropped the phone once from waist height on concrete and it withstood the fall. Note that the top and bottom edges remain fairly exposed though. A reasonable design choice, but not for those who are looking for maximum protection.

The space inside the case for a metal plate for a magnetic mount is nice but probably not critical since those are typically very thin anyways. So pretty! This case is so pretty!

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  6. I love that my phone shows through the case because iPhones are so nice looking without the case, I always hate putting a case on to cover them up. It seems to add enough protection to the phone that it would survive most drops and will protect it in my purse. I'd say this case is even prettier in person. This is probably the best case I have ever had for any phone! I have probably been through 25 cases for my phones over the years.

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    It adds great protection without adding much additional bulk. Also, I have a magnetic mount in my car if you don't have one, you really should consider getting one.

    Bonus item: The TPU case that surrounds the frame actually has just enough size to be able to redirect the speaker from the bottom where it has always been on the iPhone , to the front of the phone. Currently unavailable. You'll thank me!!! This is the third caseology case that I've had I'm hard on phones! I ordered this case, which is a little different than the one I normally purchase they did not have the case available on Amazon when I wanted the one I normally buy.

    This one, instead of having the protective casing, and then another piece that goes around that case on the parameter, this is a single covering. Let me tell you I was a bit apprehensive getting it, bc I felt as though that extra piece of plastic saved my phone MANY times in the past. However, whenever I did happen to drop my phone, I would be able to see the evidence and my pretty phone case soon become an obvious sign that I'm a cluts!

    This case I continue to be the cluts I am, but See All Buying Options. I've owned this case for a few months now and am still very happy with it since the day it arrived. The case is stylish, thin, nice texture, non slip grip. It's easily removed for cleaning purposes but doesn't pop off the phone like some cases do. It protects my phone very well. I've dropped it accidentally many times but there's no damages even to the case itself.

    I think it will outlast the phone. Highly recommend it. Seems to be a decent case.