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Typically electronic screens and monitors that emit light use RGB red, green, blue color values, while CMYK cyan, magenta, yellow and black values are the standard for printed materials like newspapers and magazines, which absorb light.

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Once you know you desired color's value, you'll be able to find it in nearly every medium out there. Many major paint manufacturers have websites and apps designed to help you choose a paint color. Sherwin-Williams, Valspar and Behr all have websites with virtual design studios where you can try paint on in an uploaded photo of your space. It's not a perfect system by any means, and the color and light settings on your computer monitor or mobile device will affect how you see the color.

Still, virtual painting is a good way to narrow down your choices and help you decide between different looks. All this color picking is manageable if you're painting a brand new or well-primed wall. Things get trickier when paint matching is your goal. Like clothes, car colors and photos hung in sunlight, paint colors also fade over time. Even if you know a wall's original paint color, a new coat of paint might look off either because of color fading or loss of sheen.

A difference in wall sheen can cause a color to look very different.

How technology reads color

If you'd like to match new paint to an old color, you'll likely need the help of more than just a paint chip. Here's where tech can really lend a hand. Paint manufacturers and third-party app designers alike offer color matching apps that analyze color in photos taken with your phone's camera or images uploaded from your phone's library. With a good photo of your wall, you might be able to come up with the closest possible match from a variety of paint manufacturers.

Sherwin-Williams offers an app called ColorSnap, that allows you to upload an existing photo or take a new photo to find paint colors that match it. There's also a virtual painting tool, and multiple ways to explore all the Sherwin-Williams paint collections. The app includes RGB color values for Sherwin-Williams paints, lists of coordinating colors for each paint, as well as the color strip you'd find them on in a hardware store.

The app is free and works on iOS and Android devices. Behr's ColorSmart app works much the same as the Sherwin-Williams app, with options to take new photos or upload existing ones.

You can also view selected colors in generic scenes like kitchens or bathrooms. The free app works with both iOS and Android devices. Color Capture by Benjamin Moore doesn't offer virtual room visualization, but you can still match colors to photos from your camera or library. After playing around with all of these apps on my test fake lemon, I was most disappointed by this one. Even with every setting in my phone on silent, the in-app camera had a loud shutter, and there's no pinpoint to indicate where on the image the color is matching.

Still, if you need to use Behr paints and don't know what colors you'd like, this free iOS or Android app could be useful. Valspar's Pick-a-Paint app offers the same camera or library color matching with the added benefit of taking a photo of your space and painting it with the matched photo. That's something other paint manufacturers' apps didn't offer. The Home Depot offers a color app that pulls from multiple brands sold at Home Depot stores.

You can match colors through you phone's camera or photo library and view results on the walls of a room through your phone's camera lense in real time. Color Grab is a third-party app that identifies color in real time using your camera's viewfinder. Color Grab can also match colors from photos in your phone's library. The app is free and works with Android devices. Unlike the branded apps from paint manufacturers, third party apps sense color without trying to sell you a specific paint.

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The downside is that there aren't any branded paint colors to choose from as results. You'll simply be able to identify the color value of the object or wall you're scanning. Once you've got a color value, you can use that to find a matching paint color, likely by using the RGB value, as it is the most commonly used value in the paint industry.

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There are even online converters that will match color values to multiple paint brands. When it comes to measuring color, spectrometers have long been the industry standard. The precalibrated Nix color sensor blocks out ambient light and uses a calibrated light source to read a surface's color. The sensor then sends that reading to your phone via Bluetooth and the Nix Paints or Nix Digital app, where you can match colors to a dozen different paint brands in the US and Canada.

Best Color Matching Apps

The sensor then sends the results to the Color Muse app via Bluetooth, where you can see the closest matches from brands including Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore and Valspar. The Color Muse does take a bit more effort on your part, since you'll need to calibrate the device to make the most of its features. Picking paint colors and matching old paint isn't as hard as it used to be with apps and devices like these.

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You can browse through thousands of paints from the comfort of your couch and throw them on your wall with the tap of a finger. Android users can make use of all the apps while the last three mentioned are also available on App Store for iPhone users.

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The app is full of great and useful features such as:. It also offers you features such as adding swatches to favorites, a variety of color modes CMYK, RGB, HSV, RAL , support for Adobe Photoshop, creating a palette based on a picture, manually creating palettes, matching colors in camera mode, and a variety of algorithms. Paint tester is another paint color matching app. This app is great for virtually painting your room or a certain area which will help you decide to finalize your colors.

5 Must-Have Paint Apps

Apart from being super easy, it also tells you about the name of the color which is essential when you will really start painting. A floating circle will appear over your display giving all the information you need to identify that color. This app is focused on designers since the app gives you technical pixel-level information. If you have poor eyesight, this app is perfect to help you identify any color.

You can also share the color information thanks to the share option. Other useful features include pinch-to-zoom, fine panning and hue wheel color picker. Behr is a popular paint business that not only has great paint but a great app to help you match colors. When you first launch the app you can either preview colors, explore colors, or identify colors.

You can also preview your color selection in select room vignettes. Android iOS. The app will automatically identify seven colors from the picture.