Iphone ios 5 update lost music

Now the phone is showing an entirely empty library, songs are shown as available for download, playlists are entirely missing.

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The storage settings on the phone are saying gb is taken up by my missing music, so where is it?? Dec 28, 3: Same issue -- I do access music from the Cloud. Library only shows music previously downloaded to phone, nothing available from Cloud. Literally happened overnight and I have performed all the "tricks" listed above and online. Frustrating to say the least - obviously a bug Apple isn't admitting yet.

May 19, Page content loaded. Dec 16, If you are missing music on your iPhone after updating to iOS 11, take a look at the steps in the resource below to address the issue: Get help with iCloud Music Library. Fix common issues including missing music, missing artwork, and duplicate playlists. Before following any of the steps in this article, make sure that your iCloud Music Library is set up correctly and that you have the latest versions of iOS , macOS , and iTunes.

Dec 16, 3: I do not use iCloud Music Library. I use iTunes just for sync'ing music to my device and my iTunes library consists of my own CD collection which I've ripped and added to the iTunes library over the years. Various attempts to use iTunes to clean up storage -- for example by unchecking all music selection and "applying", trying to "sync" while connected to iTunes with no music selected and even connecting to iTunes on a new computer and sync'ing -- have managed to reclaim some of the storage that was being attributed to "Other" in iTunes.

It has gone down from 22GB to about Here's an example of what I see in iTunes. Plug in device and iTunes says Go to "music" screen where nothing is checked and uncheck the sync music to device box. It then shows in usage at the bottom that I'll gain almost 10GB.

How to Restore Music from iTunes Backup on iPhone

Then I click "apply", it does it's thing, but then the usage bar jumps back up to where it was. So it seems to think there's something to be cleaned up, but nothing gets cleaned up. Not sure how much sense that makes, but this "other" storage got really large when the library suddenly became empty, so I'm assuming a lot of that music is still on the device but the music app has lost track of it, and it can no longer be reclaimed.

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I also tried a fresh device backup in iTunes to the local computer and then did a restore-backup. Afterwards, there was no difference in storage usage. Jan 1, I have the same problem. Jan 7, There is a fix identified in this thread that works for me! You can then switch it off and download any new music via WiFi. Jan 10, 1: Jan 10, 9: IOS upgrade to Nor did the suggestions in the link above. My iPhone is clearly confused about what's going on. And I still see in iTunes that if I add an album to the phone, that my free storage immediately increases by 10GB.

As if it just noticed, "hey, there's 10GB in space used by music that shouldn't be here. Feb 21, 8: So, I updated and had this issue today, tried a number of the solutions suggested here with no success. I synced my phone to remove all music, backed up my phone to iTunes and tried restoring from that no success , then gave up and performed a factory reset.

iOS 11 Broke The Music App...

Then I tried restoring from the backup after the reset and the music files were no longer listed as taking up space on the phone. I still need to resync my music from iTunes, but otherwise haven't had to make any other changes and phone appears to be working as usual. Feb 28, 2: Apr 3, 9: Any advice would be appreciated! Hi, Please follow the following steps: Run iTunes and connect your iPhone 2.

Awesome Post! I had lost my music during update my iPhone. Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted. Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar. MENU Close. Method 1: Sync your music to iPhone using iTunes Method 3: Manually add items from iTunes Method 4: Re-download previous iTunes purchases Method 5: Restore music from iCloud to iPhone Method 1: The easy to navigate software gives you four options on its main screen: Recovery from iPhone Choose this option if you have lost songs from iPhone due to factory reset, formatting or deletion etc.

Recovery from iCloud Backup Select this option, if you have back up of your music on iCloud but now unable to recover it. Recovery from iTunes Backup Select this option, if you have iTunes backup of your music and unable to retrieve your collection from it. This also gives you liberty to pick and restore only the music files to your iPhone rather replacing with complete iTunes backup data. Import to iPhone If you had stored your music files on computer, the easiest way is to import it to your iPhone from the PC by selecting Import to iPhone option on home screen of the software.

Step 2. Repair and restore lost, missing or disappeared Album Artwork on iPhone

Method 2: Sync your music to iPhone using iTunes To put music on your iPhone, sync your songs, albums and playlist to your device using iTunes. Steps to sync music from your computer to iPhone: Under Settings on the left, find and click music from the list of content types 5. Manually add items from iTunes When your music does not restore from backup automatically, try manually adding the music files from iTunes to iPhone.

Steps to manually add music from iTunes: Connect your device to your computer Open iTunes Choose the music that you want to add to iPhone from your iTunes library 4. Next drag the music to your iPhone mentioned on the left side under Devices.

Fixed: Apple Music Disappeared on iPhone | Recover Deleted Apple Music on iPhone/iPad/iPod - EaseUS

Method 4: Re-download previous iTunes purchases on your iPhone If your music includes albums purchased from iTunes Store, re-download it from the iTunes Store. Restore music from iCloud to iPhone You can also download your purchased music directly from iCloud to your iPhone. If prompted, enter your Apple ID and password. All the purchased music that is not available on your iPhone will be listed Select music and tap on Cloud icon to restore TIP: Follow the two steps one by one on both the iPhones: In few minutes the music library loads into the iPhone and you can play the songs.

Conclusion You can restore music from iTunes on iPhone either by syncing it, manually adding items from iTunes, or re-downloading the previous iTunes purchases on your device. About The Author harsha Harsha is a technical expert who loves Mondays, technology and is a big time Apple fan. Peter Balogh January 15, Sumona Chatterjee January 24, Hi Peter, Please follow these steps as we mentioned on our blog or manually add music from iTunes.

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  7. Sumona Chatterjee January 15, Kenneth Wyatt November 29, Sumona Chatterjee November 30, Thomas McGovern October 24, Good Information! The 2 method help me to restore music on my iPhone 8. Sumona Chatterjee October 26, Hi Thomas, Thanks for reading our blog and sharing your valuable feedback with us! Rossberryman September 25, Sumona Chatterjee October 12, Hi Ross, You need to connect your iOS device to enable this option.

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