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I followed the steps wich "q4quality" posted above. I managed to fix the problem and now the SIM works. So stop calling Vectone Customer Services they are unprofessional and "hack" the problem alone ;. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

Profile Join. Travel feed: Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. Problematic vectone mobile SIM card. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Vienna forums. All forums. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. What are the most popular tours in Vienna? See all. Best Seller. Schonbrunn Palace Concert. Likely To Sell Out. Palace Tour, Dinner and Concert. Kursalon Vienna: Johann Strauss and Mozart Concert. Michael S. Destination Expert for Vienna, Austria, Innsbruck. Henry H. Lumi L. Reply to: Read our community guidelines. Get notified by e-mail when a reply is posted.

Ask a question. Seating advice yesterday. See All Vienna Conversations. Related hotels Hotel Austria. Show Prices. This is Not a Hotel. Hotel Kaiserhof Wien. Renaissance Wien Hotel. Austria Classic Hotel Wien. Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna. Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront. Boutiquehotel Stadthalle. All hotels in Vienna As part of the deal with Hollandsnieuwe you get a SIM card with 5 euros on it, then an email with a link to click in order to get an extra 5 euros.

I contacted customer support, got a reply within a few hours. The 5 euros was properly credited shortly after that. I am going to spend the next couple of years in the Netherlands and I want something cheap for calls and text messages. Internet is very optional as I am going to use my old device.

I am not looking for a contract as well. The important thing I see about Lebara is they have a call start charge. If you make a lot of short calls, this will add up. Lebara has a lot of deals for calling, especially abroad, but there are often a lot of rules that go along with this. For example, you can call another Lebara customer for free, even in another country. This only applies however if you have topped up your sim in the last 7 days, and in any case you still have to pay the 10 cent call start cost. Also, only the first 30 minutes of the call is free, so if you forget to hang up and call back, you get charged the normal rates after this.

Compare this to Hollandsnieuwe, which has no call start charge, and in the Netherlands all calls are 10 cents per minute. A text message is also 10 cents. Unless you make a lot of long calls to fixed lines, Hollandsnieuwe is probably cheaper. Hollandsnieuwe also has good rates for calling and texting many locations abroad.

If you have friends in other countries who are Lebara customers, Lebara might be a good deal, but otherwise there are probably cheaper alternatives. If you do this, make sure you get a large enough bundle, because calling more than your bundle is very expensive. Be careful calling or texting abroad with these, because this is also expensive. Their main features are cheap per minute rates within the Netherlands, 3c to both mobile and landlines — but with a 9c per call cost, good per Mb data rates, good incoming call rates for roaming many places and cheap outgoing calls when roaming in Europe.

Because of the call start fee of 9c, calls of a minute or less are more expensive than with most other providers. For me their roaming rates are not horribly useful. Roaming rates within Europe are capped by law now, and not unreasonable regardless of the provider. Prepaid SIMs are now more common than they used to be in the US, so just arranging phone service once you get there is by far the cheapest option.

If you do a lot of travelling, you might find their roaming rates to be of value. I have a reception problem with my phone in my bedroom. About Lebara. Conditions are you have to have calling credit for it to run data and the speed only reaches Kbps download which is useful foe normal day to day communication.

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The snag is they advertise 7. Anonymous comments are welcome, but it's still nice if you leave a name so we have something to call you. Name, Email and Website fields are all optional. Pretty much anything goes except spam, off-topic comments and attempts to intimidate others. Very short comments that don't show creative thought, or contribute significantly to the discussion, may be considered spam. Most comments are automatically approved. If you don't see your comment within 24 hours please get in touch.

Cookies must be enabled in your browser to leave a comment, because we use them to verify you aren't a robot. Skip to content Okay, every once in a while I post completely off topic, and this is one of those times. First of all, we have three main providers: If you have other experiences, let us know below! Hi Alex, Of the three main choices I mention on the top above, in my experience only T-Mobile is a good one.

Hello Patrick.

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Thanks for the feedback so far. I am told that Lebara offers some good prices around the market. Have you tried it? Hope this helps…. A friend recently told me about Toggle Mobile: Any ideas on what should be done? Everyone complaining but be honest compared to the big companies and the extortionate rates they charge these mvno networks have been a life saver! I obtained a free SIM from this company a few months ago, and used it in a spare phone.

It seems that was too much for them to handle, so I went to GiffGaff instead. I phoned their customer service just to check it out and was on hold for 40 minutes. The international calls are unbeatable for a mobile service though. Again, I would not trust them to be my primary provider, which is a shame because their rates are excellent. Hello, I did the unfortunate thing of requesting my main number pac and trying to port it into delight mobile…. I do not know what to do to get it back, and none of the operators are usefull at all. Do any of you have any insight on how i can just get it reactivated back to my old provider.

Nightmare company to deal with most un delightful ever. Attempted to port in number cannot make or receive calls for over a week since took number from old operator giffgaff. If receiving or making calls is important avoid. Shows full signal still cannot make a call depite topping up. Sound like broken record their customer service make every excuse apart from doing their job lies lies lies port out asap good riddance fast. Delight now offer their 1 2 3 tariff: So i contacted the customer services twice thy tell me i have to Stop the Service..

I used now Delight Mobile for Holiday and Mobile Cellphone Internet, also have the same problems when i uses it for the Web , they stolen my money — Its the same RIPOFF sooner or later they make his money to cheat the costumer If you not know this english language well they cheat you again and again. The same is the problem to get some Top up Voucher —. Any one have problems with ordering a free sim card from Vectone? Hi, I was using Delight Mobile for around 20 days. Suddenly, from 2 days there is no service. Checked every system setting but no problem with that. Sorry I meant to say offer was to refund to my phone account but not to my bank account.

Ross Bowen. I have lodged a complaint with the Danish Consumer Board and the European equivalent. Further to this the card will not generate global roaming. The basic pack I purchased has been all but used up in test calls in conjunction with Delight technicians. I do not believe that this SIM is capable of delivering what is advertised and have requested a refund. I ve just received my delight number. I use delight calling card,the conection is good,but you dont get what they say,its a wast of time,its not worth it,i would shop around,. In my opinion very worthy. I was buying top-ups in Tesco- no problems with it at all.

Went abroad to Poland and used roaming- no problems with it either. I started using them to call Poland both landlines and mobiles- no problems noted. To me they look very competitive, especially calling Poland. I really do hope that this will change soon. Thanks for your comment and review. Yeah, the thing is people are usually only motivated to leave comments when they have something to complain about.

Well done for saving so much. Can we ask who else you looked at before you went with with Delight? Yes, but after the worst experience of the new networks, i would like to go with the slandered network only…. What about testing it with a second SIM instead of switching completely? Well, I bought Delight Mobile about 10 days before just to call India.

It worked fine for first couple of days and then started messing about. I just recently contacted their customer care, they were breaking up as well. Customer care said they will sort the problem asap. Out technical team will call you. I have got the call from their agent saying they will sort my issue, but as I have not the call for few days and problem was still on.

I think delight mobile is the same network as Vecton was. Thanks for giving us all this information.

delight mobile nl

Which country do you need to call a lot to make O 2 worthwhile? And yes they are the same company. Check out our Vectone review too. After buying the top up I called customer services for assistance with turning my top up into the minute bundle that has been heavily advertised. A customer services agent named K answered the phone and advised me to just add my top up and she would immediately put my bundle on. I asked her how long it would take after activating my top up before I could use my bundle, she said it would work immediately as she had just entered it on the system. I proceeded to enter the top up and made my way home.

As I arrived home, I made my first phone call. This would have been roughly 20 minutes after topping up. I continued to use my phone for outgoing calls. I then received a message stating that my calling credit was low, and I only had 25 pence left. I immediately called customer services and was connected to a person called P. P informed me that K was unable to add my bundle because I had used credit before she had the chance to activate it.

I informed him on how specific I had been while talking to K and asked him to check the call transcripts. He then put me on hold while he checked. The whole thing took 75 minutes away from my life for him to tell me to await a phone call the following day, but he confirmed that the conversation was as I had stated but he had no power to change anything. I was eventually transferred to a supervisor called D who put me through to a manager called P who said my situation was being looked into and he would call me back in an hour.

I was told to wait a further 2 hours and someone would definately call me back to resolve my issue. I explained that I felt as if I was being made to beg for a service I had paid for and asked for. Had I mis entered details myself or accidentally added the wrong bundle myself I would understand, but how can a customer call customer services and request a bundle that has been paid for , not get it and not get a resolution.

I have been messed about by a calling centre in south India that refused to give their location, connect me to senior staff or return my bundle. Did they ever get back in contact with you and resolve the issue? I have been using delight mobile just for international calls to call pakistan. I came in giffgaff community from the delightmobile Network although I ported my number in 5 different networks,I can tell you my nightmare delightmobile experience. I want to tell you that I came to delightmobile from another network and for me my number was very important. Everybody know it and as long as I was in a new network i could use it.

Online Top Up — this sort of top up story delightmobile. You want to top up 30 Pounds and in the next second it says ERROR…although they take the money from your bank account.

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So you go in the first shop buy a voucher with 20 Pounds because 30 Pounds voucher is impossible — error at all the shops. After 14 days everyday complaining they do not send the money back but gives you the 60 Pounds as credit on your phone. So now you have 80 Pounds on your phone even if you did not want to have so much.

Anyway the calls are so poor — you can not talk …what are you doing with 80 Pounds — Messages? SMS-Messages -the Sms story is different: I wrote a message to my wife Dedicated O2 customer …she received it immediately, BUT if she or someone else wrote me back at I tested and the delay was at least 45 minutes and maximum 1,5 h. If they called me back I could have a conversation. So where could I spend my 80 Pounds…. I am usig Delight for a month now and use it to call inside my country netherlands and to relatives in Hungary. I am very satisfied as everything just works and the free 10mb internet per day is just great.

Had an issue with sms not arriving with somebody that was in another country, called the helpdesk and they helped me out in minutes. They even called back few days later to say the issue has been resolved. I am using Delight mobile to call India for 0. I am very impressed with the service. Never had any problem with the call or connection.

I was using another service from a major mobile network before but there were few instances of connection issues or call drop-offs. Very pleased with Delight so far and hope it continue to give excellent services. I tried to call their marvelous call centre, but I waited for 6 min, got no asnwers and they charged me!

Just had an awful experience with Delight. I wanted to know how much mobile internet costs after the first free 10 MB. When I called up, nobody seemed to know what a megabyte was so I was put through to a supervisor.

Vodafone mobile signal booster in Netherlands

Your tariffs for delight mobile seem to be out of date. They seem to be offering similar rates as their sister network Vectone mobile with 10p calls to other mobiles and 5p landline. They also seem to have the same 1p international offer as Lebara and Vectone and in some cases undercut the two for example cheaper calls to India at 0. Does anyone know how to make an international call? Do I need any access number when using delight? The shitest network!

Vodafone signal repeater as a way to resolve Vodafone signal problem

Stay far away from it. None of the numbers top up and customer service are beeinng recognised by their network. It looks like I just trow out a fiver. Customer service was good too. They do have a good deals for call inside UK, but what is the most attractive to me is the cheap international call they offer. Are you talking about the same company everybody else is talking about? Everybody else is talking about either their virtually non-existent customer service, the poor and unreliable service and the fraudulent web top-up system.

My guess is you are from Delight. Your guess might be right. See here: I fell into the same trap as many other people lost money time and very upset at the moment. I haev been 7 years in UK I think I know more or less all networks: I called the customer service no response for 40 mins!!!!! Avoid this company it is vectone essentially with no better rate for worse connection.

I tried to used a Delight Mobile about a week. I have been using delight for the past three months for international calls only. I am quite happy with the tarrif. I believe most of you do not understand the concept of the tarrif. However, I agree with all of you regarding the customer service.

I connected with this company, topped up and I have no service? The signal strength goes from max signal to sos, max signal is on for about 10 seconds then sos for minutes. I use Giffgaff on my phone usually and its great I only conected this sim as I needed to contact someone in Ireland. Thank GOD I have all this customer reviews. I ordered free delight sim card and I have just received it but to be honest I will not bother using it, there is Too much complains from people and I dont want to make people richer buying useless top up vouchers.

No more being Naive. They say that we have unlimited calls in the same network, but days ago my friend got charged while talking with me. How on Earth can you be charged while calling in the same network, if they promise you unlimited calls? They say that he has insufficient funds! For a free call? Delight is s t..

Cheaper thn any provider. Sorry to say Delight Mobile will not last long,as it is a Cowboy company,and trying to entice customers to join it before it builds up a lot of money,and then will go bankrupt. Many companies have come and gone like delight so watch out and be careful how much credit you buy for your mobile. Daniel I guess that so many people been mugged.

Operating by same company. Just activated my sim card, and same thing happened to me as to most of you. If anyone is setting up a forum page, or anything to warm people about this company i am more than welcome to do it too. Delight mobile had me excited for a minute, but now i am full of anger, just by reading how many people have been disappointed.

This is unfair and i cant believe noone has reported it. Well Daniel… I had a story with them. They stolen my 23 pounds worth never used credit. People we cam do something with company like vectone, Delight etc if we want to. If You know Daniel how to make some compalin and where then I will sign as well if anyone want to join us let us know by the forum.

Well ive emailed them with a threat, if they decide to ignore my message, i am more than welcome to try get someone from a news website, let them know, maybe they can publish it, and let other people know. I dont know anything about Vectone, i never had to deal with them, but ive noticed that reviews about their services are very similar to delight mobile.

So i guess if nothing happens in 24 hours, i will take action, i dont care. My call was 2hours and 10 minutes: But i was not expecting this!! I was originally with Now mobile and they had the cheapest rate to Pakistan mobiles — 1p per minute. So the search for cheap calls to Pakistan mobiles continues.. Hope this helps. I ve just topped up and frightened what lies ahead now. This is an absolutely terrible network!!! Its a disgrace, i sent them an email, and they dont reply. This is unbelievable. Delight mobile deal of tripling your top-ups is a hoax!

Made a call to Canada and spoke for only 2mins. Checked my balance, was left with Chris, the problem is that there is no triple deal! They advertised it, but you are actually calling and being charged triple. My first call was to Canada, usually Delight charges 4p to Canada. I was on the phone for 2mins, but when 1 checked my balance, I saw that I was charged 12p a minute instead of 4p. Now, what does that tell us?

Obviously the deal is not real, you are actually being charged at the normal rate, period! So what is the point of advertising the triple deal? You got that. This is because you only actually spent 8p to get that 24p for your two minute call. There is no issue here. Regards Chris. Thanks Chris. Yes you are right, I ve been with Vectone mobile for sometime now without any problem.

The problem now is with their new Delight mobile. I guess it was a search for better deals that pushed me to Delight: Now I ve swapped the Delight sim with Vectone sim. Vectone is obviously better than Delight. Also got no connection error on vectone last night and today despite signal and good payg credit balance, tried another mobile and no joy, lets see if the authorities can sort this out. Instead of being charged 30pence advertised price, i was charged 90pence.

Mobile Phone Carrier Settings for Delight Mobile - Netherlands

To make matters worse, I am not getting any response from their customer service. Please Lets make a massive complain to Trading Standard about their services and business. Lets stop Delight Mobile, Vectone to trade in business What you think about? I have tried using this sim in another mobile. But sometimes it says, plz wait which we conncet to customer servies and then just disconnected. I regreted buying this sim call delight mobile. Iinserted the sim and i ttop up,to my surprise i cant make or receive any call. Not even the so call customer service.