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What is the tax process for a micro-entrepreneur business? CFE contisation fonciere des enteprise ? Can an auto-entrepreneur act as a bureau de liaison? How do I close down my auto-entrepreneur business in France? How do I move business department in France? Completing CFE form?

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Am I being asked to leave France? If I become an auto-entrepreneur will I keep my carte vitale?

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Paper form to register as an auto-entrepreneur? May Am I required to get professional insurance as a business in France? How should my UK clients pay my French business? What are the steps to declare business income in France? RSI requesting my birth certificate and residence permit? Auto-entrepreneur general labourer? What is the best way to set up as a freelancer in Paris?

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Does liability Loi Macron apply to my new business? Records for micro-entrepreneur business registered in France? Monthly tax payments for micro-entrepreneur in France? Payment methods for micro-entrepreneur in France? Publicly available information as a business registered in France? Percentage split of clients for micro-entrepreneur turnover? How do I start a business in France again? How do I speed up the paper work to start my business in France? What is the maximum income for artisan in France?

Can my partner work in my French registered business? April Business or personal tax for a rented house in France? Can I use two different trading names as an auto-entrepreneur? How do I pay 1. Does my business owe RSI money? Going over the auto-entrepreneur business limit in France? Can I be an Agent Commerciale in France? Should I use Net Entreprises or Auto-entrepreneur site?

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Clarification regarding auto-entrepreneur monthly cotisations? March Where can I download the declaration de revenus for ? Is there a standard French invoice template for auto-entrepreneurs? Can I add a secondary profession to my auto-entrepeneur buisiness? If so, what are the implications? What is French business form C for? Does an auto-entrepreneur charge TVA on services to French clients? Can I register as an auto-entrepreneur and have only one client?

When can we register as auto-entrepreneurs when moving to France? How do I register a business online in France to sell things? Declaration sociale des independents? Where do I get a tax number for French business bank account?

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Should I change the type of business I have registered in France? How do I complete the auto-entrepreneur form for healthcare?


Setting up gite management auto-entrepreneur business? Change from auto-entrepreneur to micro-entrepreneur business in France? How do I register a French business that creates Google Ads online? Do I have to pay cotisations when my business in France is not earning? How do I close an auto-entrepreneur company in France? How do I register a bookkeeper business in France? What is the correct TVA for an auto-entrepreneur business in France? Advice on moving to France and starting a business? February Should I become a become a micro-entrepreneur in France?

Auto-entrepreneur application? Register two enterprises as the same micro-entrepreneur business? How do I fill in form SD for a gite in France? What is the cost of registering for entreprise individuelle in France? What type of business structure for website in France?

Auto-entrepreneur in France for existing US online business? Are there new business regulations in France regarding monthly cotisation payments? Registration of a business as an auto entrepreneur in France? How do I set up a gardening business in France? How do I change my French business principle activity to secondary? Are delivery costs included in cotisation calculations? Business registration in France for home and garden services? Unable to set up business in France?

How do I pay CFE online? How do I set up a business in France to sell items I make on a market? Cost of adding someone as an ayant droit to my business in France? What is the maximum time I can work in France using a UK business? Can an auto entrepreneur register his pregnant girlfriend as a dependant?

New micro-entrepreneur business healthcare cover? How is the auto-entrepreneur pension calculated in France? Registering my ecommerce business in France? Do I need to register my business somewhere else in France? How long does it take for guichet-entreprise to create a business?

Cotisation social security rates for ? Register as an micro-entrepreneur under the new rules as of Jan ? Is my business in France registered correctly? Application form for auto-entrepreneur? Can my business carry out consultancy work in France? Should I pay my French business income into my business bank account? Can a student in France start an auto-entrepreneur business? When should I register as a micro-entrepreneur in France?

Tax based on parts for reel-simplifie or SARL business? Where to obtain documents for RSI? January Which business income must be declared on net-entreprises. How do I arrange to pay my business cotisations monthly in France? Pension and sickness benefits for auto-entrepreneurs? Is my husband covered by my carte vitale? How do I pay CFE payment late?

Can a micro-entrepreneur business have a ten digit TVA number? Registering and declaring cotisations online? How do I set up a consulting business in France? Which is the best way forward for us to set up a business in France? Do I need to register on Le portail des auto-entrepreneurs? Chambre de metiers or auto-entrepreneur for cleaning business?

Completion of trimestrielle form? Who do I charge TVA? What type of business should I register in France to sell on markets? What is the right way to pay quarterly business limits in France? Micro entrepreneur and French health system? How to choose between ayant droit and collaborating partner? First payment via Net-Entreprises. Tuesday 06 May How do auto-entrepreneurs need to complete their French tax return? Each month or quarter auto-entrepreneurs are required to submit to URSSAF, the social security contributions agency, a declaration of their turnover, on which they pay a fixed rate of social security contributions.

In order to opt to pay on this basis you need to do so by 31st December of the previous tax year, ie Dec for income. Generally speaking, the option to elect for PAYE income tax is only of interest to a minority of auto-entrepreneurs. Whether or not they have elected to pay income tax as part of their periodic declaration to URSSAF, auto-entrepreneurs are also required to make an annual tax return, alongside other income received. This does not mean that income tax will be paid twice on the same income, but it does require that the tax return is completed carefully in order to avoid doing so.

The form used to make an income tax declaration for auto-entrepreneur earnings is FC PRO, a complementary form to the main F tax return.

Who can use the auto-entrepreneur service?

In order to assist in the completion of the tax return, in a rare gesture of cordiality, URSSAF send out to all auto-entrepreneurs a statement attestation fiscale showing the level of the turnover declared in the relevant tax year, which, once verified that it is correct, can then simply be transcribed onto the tax return.

In the determination of their liability to income tax, auto-entrepreneurs are entitled to a standard fixed cost allowance against their turnover. However, this abridged figure should not be used on the tax return; auto-entrepreneurs must declare their gross sales, and the tax authority will make the abatement as part of the tax assessment. Next Article: Best Internet Offers in France. Login Register. Property Search. Advanced Search.

Property Picks. Property Market. Completion of the tax return is made on the following basis: Related Reading: Go back to French News Business in France.